Welcome to the Greater Sudbury Police Service Graffiti Online Reporting system.

Graffiti is the illegal defacing of property by painting or otherwise marking it with words, pictures or symbols. The majority of graffiti involves "tags," which are personalized signatures painted on mailboxes, hydro poles, bridges or walls.

Graffiti has a negative effect on our community in many ways. It contributes to reduced property values, a decline in commercial sales, increased crime rates in effected areas, wasted tax dollars for clean-up, and decreased use and enjoyment of public facilities. It diminishes citizens' feelings of safety and security.

If you are the victim of a vandal, report the incident to Police online. Please provide a detailed description of the incident, including the approximate time it happened and the last time you saw your property without graffiti. Take photographs of the damage and include them in your online report.

The following CANNOT be reported online:

  • Someone has entered your place of business or residence and has vandalized or damaged your property. This is a Break and Enter. Please call police at 705-675-9171.
  • Graffiti or vandalism that pertains to hate crimes – based on race, national or ethnic origin, language, colour, religion, sex, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, or any other similar factor. If you feel you are being targeted by someone because of the above reasons please call police at 705-675-9171.

Greater Sudbury Police Service