Welcome to the Greater Sudbury Police Service Theft (Under $5000) Online Reporting system.

Lost: An item was accidentally misplaced or left behind somewhere


Stolen: Someone removed the item from your lawful possession with the intent to steal

Please Note:

  • If the item was stolen from your house, hotel room, garage or shed, as a result of the suspect being there unlawfully, without your permission, or forcing their way in, please contact police as this is a Break and Enter report and cannot be reported online.
  • If the item was stolen from your vehicle, this incident can be reported online as a Theft From Vehicle here
  • If you are the victim of a theft and your debit or credit card has been taken and used without your consent, this is considered a FRAUD. Please use the Fraud Under $5000 page within the online reporting system here.

When completing a Theft Under $5000 report, please:

  • Provide all serial numbers available on any of the stolen property
  • Create a separate property entry for each piece of property that is being reported as stolen

The value of the stolen item(s) must be less than $5000. If it is over $5000, please call police at (705)675-9171.

The accuracy of the information you provide will help the Greater Sudbury Police Service in processing your report. Please ensure your report is complete and concise. Please prove a detailed description of what happened, with the date and time you discovered the theft and the last time you saw your property.

Greater Sudbury Police Service