Welcome to the Greater Sudbury Police Service Theft From Vehicle Online Reporting system.

Please provide a detailed description of what happened in the incident description section, with the approximate date and time you discovered the theft from your vehicle, and the last date and time you saw the property in your vehicle.

Please Note

  • If your vehicle was accessed but nothing was taken, this is still considered a theft from vehicle. In the property section of the report, please indicate the property taken as other and in the description of property section, indicate nothing taken with a value of $0.

Online Reporting Criteria

  • Where your vehicle was parked (parking lot, underground garage, driveway etc.)
  • Was a security camera present at the scene?
  • Point of entry to your vehicle (front passenger window, rear driver door etc.)

Please Note:

  • Filing a false police report is a crime.
  • You may be contacted by email or telephone if further information is required.
  • Each piece of property should be a separate entry including serial numbers
Greater Sudbury Police Service