Welcome to the Greater Sudbury Police Service Vehicular Safety Concerns Online Reporting system.

Do you have information about an incident where you observed or encountered an aggressive driver? Are vehicles speeding in your neighbourhood or in school zones? Are drivers disobeying stop signs or traffic lights? Are individuals operating vessels in an unsafe manner on our wateways? Have you observed persons operating ATV’s on roadways that are not permitted by By-Law?

Safety on our roadways and waterways is everyone’s responsibility. We encourage anyone who identifies problematic issues or behaviours on our roads and waterways to submit a Vehicular Safety Concerns report. This includes off-road vehicles, snowmobiles on roads and trails, and concerns involving vessels on our waterways.

A Vehicular Safety Concerns report is appropriate when an issue is happening at a location (land or water) and you have observed it firsthand. A Vehicular Safety concern observed within the boundaries of the City of Greater Sudbury should outline the specific location, a description of the issue and bahaviour, how often it occurs, the time of day, and any other observations. Once a submission is received by the Greater Sudbury Police Service, the information will be reviewed by the Traffic Management Unit for follow-up if required.

If the traffic concern involves a specific vehicle where the licence plate is known, please submit a Road Watch report online.

If you see an impaired driver, street racing or other behaviour that poses an immediate risk to public safety, please call 911.

You cannot submit a Road Watch or Vehicular Safety Concern report if the incident resulted in a collision. If this is the case, please call police.

Please Note:

  • Filing a false police report is a criminal offence

Greater Sudbury Police Service