Welcome to the Greater Sudbury Police Service Vulnerable Person Registration

The Greater Sudbury Police Service offers a service, via database, where people can register if they have a physical, mental health, cognitive or medical condition that may require special attention in an emergency. If you are a vulnerable person or caregiver to a vulnerable person, you can provide information, which will be protected and used only by first responders, to help you or your loved one during a crisis situation.

What is a Vulnerable Person?

A Vulnerable Person is defined as a person who, due to a medical, mental health, physical condition or cognitive developmental disability, may exhibit patterns of behaviour that may pose a danger to themselves or others. This may include:

  • A tendency to wander
  • The inability to communicate
  • Fascinations or attractions (water, construction sites etc.)
  • Social responses (fear of strangers, aggression)

Examples of Vulnerable Persons may include Persons with:

  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • An Acquired Brain Injury
  • Mental Health condition that causes a person to exhibit any behaviours that emergency responders should be aware of during an emergency situation

Who can submit this information?

The information may be submitted by the individual themselves, by a parent, legal guardian or caregiver of a vulnerable person living in the City of Greater Sudbury.

What information is required?

During the self-registry, you will be asked to provide information such as:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Physical descriptors
  • Contact information
  • Special needs
  • Methods of approach
  • Objects of attraction
  • A recent photo of the person in JPEG (.jpg) format

How is this information used?

In the event of an emergency, the self-registry will only be accessed when a vulnerable person is in danger or distress due to an emergency, and will only be used to help the individual. Greater Sudbury Police, Sudbury Fire Department and Sudbury Emergency Medical Service will have access to the information and it will be securely stored by the Greater Sudbury Police Service.

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